"Sometimes The Smallest Things Take up The Most Room in Your Heart."
~Winnie The Pooh

"Let me hold you a little more, before you're not little anymore."


April is a portrait photographer who specializes in maternity and newborn photography. She resides in Northern Connecticut and is willing to travel throughout Connecticut and Western Massachusetts for sessions.

April has been a photographer her entire life, professionally since 2014. She has photographed every genre of photography. April has specialized in newborn photography since 2018. April studied art in college and is a 2014 graduate from Hallmark Institute of Photography. She loves all forms of art, but particularly enjoys how photography touches the soul! April found something special capturing the ever-changing lives of children and sharing it with their families so they have these portraits to cherish for generations.

April is very passionate about providing artwork for families that will last lifetimes. She found this passion as she watched her own son grow so quickly before her eyes. She began looking back through the portrait albums she had created of her son and enjoyed being able to cherish them more than if she had not had those photographs. Being able to provide new parents with such special images of their child has brought April the utmost joy, and feels her mission is to give parents the joy she experiences with her own son’s photographs.

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